This symphony girl group rose to fame in 2008, when they reached the final of UK show Britain’s Got Talent. The electronic string quartet from London met when they were all in the string section on tour with McFly, and so formed their own group. They auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, playing “Palladio” and the crowd and judges were blown by their performance. They reached the final of the talent show and went on to release their album with Syco Records.

Album Rating: ***** (5/5)
Classical music isn’t really my type of thing, but once I got a full listen of this album, I was blown away and wanted to listen to it all over again. It has this really relaxed and chilled out vibe to it, but at the same time, has its big outbursts of wonderful, powerful violin playing. I became captivated with the magic of what violins and symphonies can produce, bringing together old and new sounds to create something very worth listening to. I would definately recommend listening to this album and seeing for yourself how amazing this girl group are. I wish them every success, because they fully deserve it.

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A K Jones
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