This Michigan band, made up of B.J., R.J., Rich and Charlie have had quite a breakout in the last few years. Their first EP, Break The Silence was released in 2009 and got a big following in the Midwest of the USA. It sold over 4,000 copies, and the band’s reputation grew with an extensive Midwest tour. They’ve opened for other local bands like Pop Evil and have won a lot of new fans over with their heavy guitars and undoubtedly catchy choruses. What further opportunities will the second six-track EP, So Alive bring for the home-grown Alternative rockers?

Album Rating: ***** (5/5)
When I got a message on YouTube from The Product’s official page, requesting that I check out their music, I was a little reluctant, as many other up-and-coming artists had done the same. But I decided to give these guys a chance, and boy am I glad I did.
The first track and single from the EP, Light It Up, has a rock-out party anthem feel to it, especially as the lyrics are about going against all you know and just doing nothing except having a good time and being rebellious, which would speak the exact words of any rock music fan in today’s society. The second song, My Damage, is all about wanting back someone that you have watched walk away and desperately love. This is notably my favourite track because the emotion of the song and lyrics are both very powerful. Song 3, Memory, reminds me of songs from bands like My Chemical Romance, with lyrics that empower people to overcome their difficulties.Out Of Control, the 4th song, is different from the rest of the Rock music out there, but in a good way. The metal-like guitars, desperation in the singer’s voice and echoes make it a good song for anyone who have feelings or pain that they can’t handle or seem to control, driving them insane. This song was used as the theme song for Total Nonstop Action’s Final Resolution. Ever After You is a rock ballad, similar to bands like All Time Low in that the lyrics show wanting for someone to love them after their previous lover has left them. This song also reminds me a lot of Daughtry’s Life After You which has a similar message. The final song on the EP, Make Your Move, has upbeats drums and guitars, like something you would want to clap along to at a festival. The lyrics of the song are about wanting to make sure that their subject of affection knows that if they choose them, then they won’t regret it, so they better make their move before they loose them. I know this sounds corny and samey, but The Product represent these lyrics in a very artistic and creative fashion, without really making it completely obvious.

Overall, this EP is a very promising record for them and they should be proud of this, as it is the best rock record I’ve listened to in quite a while. I fully recommend this for anyone who likes bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and My Chemical Romance, as they are a mile ahead of the rest in the latest batch of Rock prodigies.

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A K Jones
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