Clones of Clones are an up-and-coming Alternative/Rock band from Washington DC, who have actually been around for about 10 years, but haven’t really released any music. Their 4-track debut EP, Neighborhood, is quite something. Even though it is only 4 tracks long, it thoroughly sums up what the band is about and their genre of music.


When I first heard The Neighborhood, the leading track of this EP, it reminded me of Noah & The Whale with the lead singer sounding much like that of Charlie Fink’s (lead singer of Noah & The Whale) and the interesting sounds and a really catchy rhythm and chorus, that everyone will find themselves tapping along to. This song is definitely one for the radio.

The second track, Bully, isn’t like a typical Rock song, but is so much different. This song has a good drum beat and catchy verses, with a big build up to the chorus, which contains the main message of the song, that he is a bully and he doesn’t know of anything else. I must also point out that in the first verse of the song, there is a use of explicit language. Just putting that out there.
Homie starts with a nice guitar riff, typical of a punk type of song. It then explodes into the drums and first verse, which contains very interesting lyrics, such as “the floor starts to cut like cake”. This all makes sense by the time we get to the chorus, as it explains about being their “homie”, not being lonely and staying together. This is also a very catchy tune, something I could see being played at festivals and big concerts, with the whole crowd singing along.
Take Care Of Yourself starts with some very slow and quite quiet acoustic guitar, but this soon changes, as the electric guitars take hold. It then quietens down for the vocals, sung with lots of echo and with a strange, almost barrier over his voice. If you listen to the song, you’ll see what I mean. The chorus, however, is executed brilliantly with lots of great guitars and an awesome solo. Also, the drums in the end of the chorus are prominent, making the listener feel like drumming along to them. This song isn’t my favourite, but it will probably grow on me in time.
Overall, this band is one to watch out for, and I hope they have a very successful career, because I will be listening to their music non-stop for the next few months.
You can listen to this EP on their bandcamp page, and catch up with what they are doing on their Facebook, Twitter and official website.

A K Jones
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