Korean Gangnam Style sensation Psy has released a song with Rap artist Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion (whatever he wants to be called that day) and it’s not the best of Psy’s releases, I think you’d agree.


I think it’s a great song – if you want to hear the same saxophone riff 300 times over in one song. The song is about a hangover, but I feel as if I want a drink after listening to it. As for Snoop Dogg/Lion’s rap, it takes over most of the song, therefore it feels like a Snoop song, featuring Psy, not the other way around. Also, viral hits are so important to success these days, that I think they created a weird song just to get that – a lot of views, translating into a lot of money for not only the record label, but for both artists involved.

Don’t even get me started on that video – you think the song is weird? Watch the video, it’s even weirder! It makes no sense and the dancing in it is just terrible. You can watch it below if you want to see it. Although, having said that, the song is actually quite catchy, however bad the lyrics or video. So much so, that I’ve just pressed the “Buy” button on my iTunes to download it.

Overall, this song is no Gangnam Style, as much as both Psy and Snoop Dogg/Lion want it to be. I certainly hope they don’t play this in clubs, and keep the song on YouTube and iTunes. Although it is very catchy and you will find yourself dancing and singing along to it.

A K Jones

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