This week’s Featured Artist is Daya, a 16-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who been playing music since she was 3 and can now play the guitar, saxophone and ukulele as well as being a vocal artist.

Her single ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ is an addictive pop jam, as the lyrics and catchy beat in the video (which you can view below) is what’s going to make Daya a breakout star. There have been signs of this already, as YouTube star Tyler Oakley tweeted about the song and how much he loves her. Her EP ‘Daya’ has just been released and features 6 original songs from someone who’s sure to blazing a path through the industry to music stardom.

You can follow Daya on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel to see what music she’s releasing next. Check out her debut EP ‘Daya’ here. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ here to keep up with all my posts in one place.

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