American Idol winner and Country-Pop songstress Carrie Underwood, who has won seven GRAMMYs in total and several number 1s on the Billboard Country Chart has released Storytellers, another to add to her roster, as her highly successful 2012 release Blown Away showed off her talents after a few years away from being in the limelight. Can she top that success with Storytellers after so long in the industry?

‘Renegade Runaway’ sounds a lot like ‘Blown Away’ from the previous album, with a loud chorus and catchy drum beat, definitely one for the radio and was the first song of the record, rightly so because it was the perfect introduction to everything Underwood’s about. No country album is complete with a slow song or two about love, and this one is no exception. ‘Heartbeat’ is the first of two on the album, but both just aren’t as refined or put-together as ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’, a big hit for Underwood that obviously struck a chord with many people. Some other messages that are big with Country singers and their lyrics are deception and reputation within the small town they live in – ‘Choctaw County Affair’ tells the tragic story of someone who went missing and wasn’t all she was made out to be, a little variation from the usual.
Country-Pop isn’t a very hard genre to define and Storyteller with its varied instruments, messages about living in the South and Underwood’s Tennessee twang to her voice doesn’t really bring anything unique to new Country-Pop mainstream songs. You can buy Storyteller on iTunes, Amazon (UK| US) and stream it on Spotify. Follow Carrie Underwood on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what she’s up to. Follow me on Bloglovin’, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what I’m posting next.

A K Jones

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