New Yorker Sasha Hart has really landed on her feet being in the city that never sleeps – she has a world of creativity around her. She’s definitely embraced that, by recording a single and music video by the name of ‘Give Me Fire’.

With the song being a dance anthem about empowering women and hoping to inspire them to be their best and love themselves, she’s onto a winner. Hart’s live performance has already been featured on NBC’s smash-hit show “Player Gets Played” and the track is destined to be played in clubs all over the world, with her also having played in front of audiences as big as 10,000 people.
You can watch the video for ‘Give Me Fire’ here and buy the single on iTunes. Also follow Hart on Facebook & Instagram to keep with her latest performances and releases. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ and like my page on Facebook to see what I post, right as I post it.
A K Jones

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