LA-based Cannons formed in 2013 and wasted no time getting their music out there for the world to listen to. Inspired by 80s Synth, 70s R&B and modern genres like Electronic and House, both the past and present is moulded together in their sound to create something rather interesting. With single ‘Body Talk’ featured on HBO’s Ballers earlier this year, they’re definitely on the rise.


Their music is a direct result of pulling on all of these sounds and almost every song is slow and lead singer Michelle Joy uses a rather soothing voice to sing the lyrics about love and lust, whilst the backing vocals only come in occasionally, focusing on Joy’s vocals, similar to many bands including Shura. ‘Temporary Romance’ is the most upbeat song out of all, but still has a ghostly element to it, with fans describing their overall sound with new and unknown genres such as “nudisco”, “future boogie” and “chill wave/indie pop”, to which I would completely agree. But instead of making a mess of fusing all these different things together, Cannons do it right and have created something that everyone can get into. 
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A K Jones
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