Need any ideas for a blogger friend/relative of yours or someone who wants to get into blogging? Look no further, because here’s a little gift guide for things bloggers would like/need for Christmas:


Notebooks are an essential to a bloggers’ arsenal, as they are great for planning blog posts and writing down ideas that immediately spring to mind. A great website for cute notebooks is Ohh Deer – I know this because I’ve bought some myself and they’re amazing. There’s a range of A4 notebooks and packs of 3 smaller ones, so see which ones take your fancy here.

A New Camera/Lens

To take photos for posts, bloggers need a decent camera, whether it’s a digital camera or DSLR. If they’ve already got a DSLR, you can get them a lens for their camera. See some of the deals on Amazon (UK | US) or at your local technology shop, like Currys or Best Buy if you’re in the US.

A Diary/Calendar

It’s good to buy a blogger a diary, or wall calendar, so they can pencil in what posts are to go up when, or if they’re going to an event, they can physically write down when it is so they don’t forget – believe it or not, phones aren’t always going to be the most reliable things about telling you information, even if you have put it in your calendar. Take a look at the 2016 diaries on offer at Amazon (UK | US) or any stationary shop.

A decent laptop/computer

They’re going to be spending a lot of time writing on the computer and you probably don’t want them hogging yours all the time, so it would be good for them to have their own. If you can’t afford to get them one but they have a job, maybe give them some money so they can save up for one, go and get it themselves and choose which one they want dependant on their budget.

A decent phone


Are they sick of using the phone their brother gave them when they were 10? To use social media, they would be in need of a smartphone or iPhone. As with the laptop: if you can’t afford one, give them money towards it. Or have a gander around the Internet, you can find great deals on handsets with different contracts and networks to suit everyone’s budget. Also, they have sales on right now and in January, so you can either get it now or go with them in January to pick out what they want in the sales.

That concludes my gift guide for bloggers. Hope that helped some of you if you were stuck for ideas to what to get your friends/family.

A K Jones
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