A New Year means new things, and more importantly JANUARY SALES. There’s a few things I want next year, and here’s a list of them.

HUAWEI Smart Watch


I first heard about these watches in Jim Chapman’s video when he went to the launch of the watch and gave a speech about technology and functionality, and didn’t think too much about it. However when he made a whole video about them, showing how they work in everyday life and how useful they can be, I knew I had to have one ASAP. They look so cool and have a much bigger screen than the Apple Watch, but work with both iOS and Android. I’m currently saving to get one of these from Selfridges – boy am I going to be happy when the package arrives in my mailbox.

A decent pair of slippers
This may seem a little weird, but I recently had to throw my slippers away that I’ve had for years because they were falling apart. They were something like £3 from Primark and they’ve lasted me well, but I need a new, possibly more upmarket pair. I’ll probably look somewhere like Marks & Spencer or New Look for a good deal and a lovely, fluffy new pair of slippers.
Levi’s Jeans
I had a pair of Levi’s jeans that I bought on holiday a couple of years ago, but had to throw them away because they were too small. I’m starting to lose a bit of weight, but I can’t afford a pair of them as they’re £60+ each. I walk past the shop all the time in West Quay and I’m so tempted to go in there and buy some lovely jeans – they’re so comfortable and fit so well.
A new pair of VANS/Converse
I’m in dire need of a new pair of trainers, as all the pairs I have are ruined, since I’ve worn them so much when walking to uni/around town. The only shoes I have now are slip-on sparkly shoes and although they’re great and very comfortable, they’re not exactly appropriate for long days of walking as they’ll fall apart, so I’m definitely going to pick up a new pair in the sales.
So that’s what I would like to buy next year. What’s on your wishlist? Let me know 🙂 Also don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up with my posts in one place.

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