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Christmas 2015 was an awesome one for me. Even though it didn’t quite go to plan, my family and I still had a wonderful time. I got lots of lovely presents, some of which were complete surprises – I’ve listed and photographed them below. I’ve also added what I purchased in the January sales too, so you can take a read and see my bargains.
Christmas Presents

New Look Dressing Gown

I asked for the one from Marks & Spencer in my Wishlist, but I’m so much happier that I received this one from New Look. The one from Marks & Spencer looks waaaay too warm, whereas this is just the right amount of comfy. And boy oh boy is it fluffy! I’m wearing it as I write this and I couldn’t be more comfortable.
I was so excited to receive this, as I’ve been making smoothies a lot recently, but I went through two of my previous blenders (it costs £25), so I decided to upgrade my blender to a NutriBullet. It’s a Limited Edition Red and it’s part of a 12-piece kit, including a small cup with a handle (SO useful for drinking on the move) and a milling blade that turns things like oats into powder, so you can easily put it in your smoothies.
Garmin Forerunner 10 Watch
I’m getting into running as my form of exercise, and I always wanted to know how long I was running for. So when I got this watch as a complete surprise at Christmas, I was overjoyed. I’ve only used it once but even so, it’s awesome – it tracks how long you’ve run, your pace and even shows a little map of where you’ve been.
MINI Speaker Box

This was another surprise, but it was a really good and thoughtful one. I love music (obviously, or this blog wouldn’t exist) and contemplated getting a pair of speakers at one point, as I’m always wearing my headphones and my ears start hurting a lot if I wear them too much. So my mum and dad got me a speaker box from MINI and it’s actually really clever and cool – you turn on the speaker, play your music, rest your phone on top of the speaker box and it detects the music so it starts playing. It’s so cool in fact that I’m using it as I write this post, and will be using it a lot more in the future to listen to music without using headphones all the time and annoy my neighbours 🙂

iPhone 6S


Yet another surprise that I wasn’t expecting. I dropped my 5S about 3 weeks before Christmas and cracked the screen on it. I could still use it, but it was just so annoying having to try and see what I was reading when some words were screwed up by the cracks. I was so happy to find that I now had a 6S, and am still happy now.

January Sales Bargains

Monsoon Slippers

I got a Monsoon gift card for Christmas and I found the most perfect slippers, and they were half price – a good find. They’re so comfy and the perfect accompaniment to my dressing gown that I showed you earlier.

Crockpot Slow Cooker

I’ve been trying to get a bit more into cooking (and failing as of late), so I bought a slow cooker at Tesco. I got some recipes from my mum’s cookbook at home and am going to use it one day soon, which is also when I’m going to finally get it out the box.

So those are some of the lovely things I both bought and have received for Christmas. I hope you all got lovely things too.

A K Jones

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