It’s a weird story to hear that five-a-side football would bring a band together, but that’s part of the story for Nottingham, UK based Lacey. The band met in 2011, with them all rekindling their love for playing music and finding what worked and what didn’t from the other bands they’d played in. It wasn’t until ‘Outlaws’ that they broke through and toured the UK.


Their fourth and newest EP I Don’t Owe The World a Thing starts with ‘Shadow’, showing off the formula for a typical Alt-Rock tune – a slower chorus that all the fans can belt out at gigs, and lots of screaming just after that. ‘Take Me Home’ is where the EP turns everything on its head – it starts with an acoustic guitar and just lead singer Graham Turner’s strong vocals, then alternates between a really strong Pop drum and guitar performance and the acoustic guitar – the right mix of great sounds to really keep listeners on their toes and wanting to push the replay button.

Lacey explore many different sounds in this EP – some work, some don’t. Still, there’s time for more experimenting and changing before they can become a truly unique band, although there’s some good things being displayed already.

You can find I Don’t Owe The World over on SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see where they’re touring and if you can catch them at a local show.

Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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