Happy Easter everyone πŸ™‚ to celebrate, my family and I all went out to my auntie’s local Harvester branch (Roland’s Castle) for lunch. There was a table of ten of us, including 3 of my aunties, 3 of my cousins, my mum and dad and Sarah and I.

Almost everyone ordered a Diet Coke (refillable) and we looked at the menu to order our food – there was so much choice, as you’ll see below.

A different range of food was ordered between the ten of us – my Mum & I both went for a Chicken burger (I had cheese & bacon with mine, it was so good!), my nan went for fish and chips, my sister went for a Nacho burger and I can’t really remember what anyone else had (oops). All of the food was really lovely and I really wish I’d taken pictures of my food and dessert – salted caramel profiteroles, they were actually amazing.

I took my camera with me to the restaurant so took some photos of us as a family together and the restaurant’s interior (as it looked really cool), that you can see below.

(L-R: Me, my sister Sarah, my cousins Anna, Sam and Juliet)
(L-R): My auntie Susan, auntie Fiona, Nan and my Mum
My Mum and Dad πŸ™‚
We all had a great time catching up over Easter lunch and I hope we can do it again soon.

A K Jones

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