Today’s post (even though I usually don’t post on Tuesdays) is going to be a little different. I’m collaborating with charity organisation Oxfam to bring you information about what they’re doing to help people in third-world countries gain an education and help them succeed.

Pakistan’s education system is at breaking point. Schools in tiny towns and villages have so many people to a classroom, making it crowded and an extremely unsuitable learning environment. In fact, it’s even worse than that – in the most rural areas, as low as one in three women have ever attended school. At least seven million children are not in primary school and half of children aged 6-16 are unable to read even a sentence. Forced marriages are a higher priority for parents than their daughter’s education.

Oxfam work with schools in Pakistan to educate children and help them end poverty by giving them the tools to discover and reach for their ultimate ambitions. Teacher Hameeda used to struggle on her own to teach her students. “I used to face difficulties as there were so many children, now, with help I can manage. We teach them per class and have also set up help from the elder children to help teach.”, but with help, resources and extra teaching support in place from Oxfam, she doesn’t have to deal with such a heavy workload, saying “Before, I was alone and I couldnā€™t cover all topics. Now I have help and if I am sick the education doesnā€™t stop. Now I am able to manage a large number of students and give them a better education.”

What can you do? Well you could help fight theĀ poverty andĀ help children get an education by giving a little each month (it doesn’t matter how little) to Oxfam. Just Ā£8 can provide 32 children with textbooks, vital to their learning aboutĀ the World. That’s the same as buying two coffees but helping someone from a tiny village learn about what’s going on around them.Ā 

Ā£12 can buy soap for 100 families for six months, as using soap can help fight against contamination and disease. Ā£18 can teach fifty young womenĀ about theirĀ rights, something that’s soĀ important to know. AĀ regular donationĀ helps Oxfam a lot, as it helps when emergencies ariseĀ and gets to the roots of poverty to help eliminate it.

To help Oxfam withĀ theirĀ funding (they would be nothing without it), donate here. If you support the campaign, then let the rest of your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook followers know by using #withOxfam.

A K Jones


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