Electropop group The Ready Set (fronted by Jordan Witzigreuter, the sole member) may be a new name to you and me, but he’s actually been releasing music since 2009. Now just released his fourth studio album I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, shows that he’s not going anywhere any time soon.


Lead single ‘Disappearing Act’ is exceptional, putting you in a trance which doesn’t end until the last note of the album. It sucks the listener in, and makes you intrigued to find out more, wondering why you hadn’t discovered them sooner. The album is a story about being in love with someone that keeps disappearing or maybe he can’t get to, typical subjects – but dealt with by Witzigreuter in a way that’s not too soppy, keeping things upbeat. 

‘Good Enough’ is one of those tracks that would define a summer anthem, something that belongs on a road trip soundtrack and the radio. Even though it starts as a slower song, it gains its rhythm and develops into an electro-pop potential hit, something everyone can sing along to and potentially relate to. Title track ‘I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love’ is a dance track, with a chorus of no words and just the beat as well as a bit of rap on one of the verses too, something not seen on this album yet but showing that Witzigreuter can effortlessly pull off dipping his feet into different pools (genres)

The Ready Set have created a masterpiece here, with infectious Pop tracks and even some dance, so there’s something for everyone’s taste, also showing that Witzigreuter’s still got a knack for creating great music. Good luck trying to get one of the songs on the album out of your head after it’s been stuck in there for days. 

Buy I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love on iTunes, Amazon (UK | US) or stream it for free on SpotifyYou can follow The Ready Set on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as checking out his website

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