Texas-born Lost Element may be new to your ears (and mine too), but they’ve been around since 2011, playing at 94.5 The Buzz‘s Weenie Roast and opening for other acts in the area. They’re also an award-winning band, as they (quite rightfully) won “New Band of The Year” at the 2011 Texas Buzz Music Awards.


Having recently released new EP Stereo Dream, Lost Element have got some great new material to show off and is a great teaser for their full-length release coming later this year. Their single ’25’ is killer; a great album starter and will suck you into their world and make you want to listen to the rest of Stereo Dream and their other material, as well as getting ’25’ stuck in your head for weeks (that’s what happened to me!). I hope these guys go far in their music career and get a lot more recognition as a great Pop/Rock group, as they’re doing a dandy job so far.

You can check out ’25’ and Stereo Dream on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon (US) and SoundCloud. Also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re up to. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin’ and never miss a post.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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