I went to TK Maxx the other day, and the Holika Holika Face Masks and Lifestyle Products (it’s an actual brand, look them up) Foot Therapy Booties caught my eye. Intrigued, I bought them and tested them out for you all to read. Enjoy!

Firstly I tried the face mask. Just a little warning: open the mask packet over a sink, as it does get messy. The mask was really wet and sticky, something I really didn’t expect – that’s not a bad thing, it just took me by surprise.

The mask itself has cut-out bits (I don’t know how to describe it) and fits all face shapes and sizes. If you’re not used to face masks like me, then it will definitely feel weird on your skin. After 90 minutes of keeping the mask on (and that’s not easy), I removed it and massaged the excess liquid into my skin. My skin hasn’t really improved much since, as after a day or two of my skin feeling moisturised and soft, it went back to exactly how it was before I used the mask, so I don’t recommend this product.

When trying the booties, I hoped for more of a result. Once applied around my feet, they were left for 90 minutes meaning that I couldn’t move anywhere or I’d fall over – don’t put these on when you have a lot to do, just letting you know. They were stuck to my feet as you can see in the picture below and it’s so hard to stop them moving and become unstuck, meaning you constantly have to press the booties to your feet.

Once the 90 minutes were up, I took the booties off. The product promises smooth feet and the ability to remove dead skin from the feet – this was proven to be unfounded, as my feet are in a really bad state (no-one else’s fault by own) and they were seen to make no difference.
The products may work differently for you, but who knows. I’ll keep using them, but won’t buy them again. Has anyone else used these products? Let me know your opinion. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see my latest posts.
A K Jones

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