As part of my prizes for winning the giveaway hosted by lovely blogger Geraldine, I received a Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé. It’s the prize I’ve used the most since the giveaway, so decided to write a little review of it.

Firstly, may I just say that the packaging of this is so colourful and enticing, it would perfect on any bedside table or in any handbag. The fact that it’s a round tin helps, as some of the lipstick type lip-glosses can break or becoming not so enticing when you drop it on the floor and make a huge dent in it (something I’ve done before).

Upon opening the tin, the actual lip butter is this gorgeous shade of pale pink, which when you apply it gives your lips a lovely pink tint, so it looks a bit like lipgloss but actually instead of drying your lips, helps them out. You can wear it both round the house and out to dinner – you really can’t go wrong.

The product itself stays on your lips for so long, and if you have cracked dry lips like me, then this is a heaven send. I have to commend Nivea on finally creating a product that actually helps, rather than promising to and then not delivering. I will definitely be buying again after this tub runs out, and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

Thank you to Geraldine for sending me this as part of the prizes from the giveaway, I really appreciate it and the other products too. You can buy Nivea’s Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter from Superdrug, the Nivea Store and Amazon. Follow Nivea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see their latest competitions and offers.

A K Jones

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