Sarcastic, girl-power songs are on the rise these days, especially in the Pop genre. Katelyn Tarver has her debut EP coming out early next year, demonstrating just this – especially with her latest single ‘Hate To Tell You’.

Tarver adds to the girl-power anthems brilliantly with this single as she is dismissing the advances of someone of the opposite sex trying to make a move and create an opportunity that just isn’t there. The song itself is very Taylor Swift-esque, with her sarcastic side coming through in what is her third single.

She gained support from BURNS who co-wrote the song with her, symbolising a definite breath of fresh air from the last few months of the same artists dominating the charts and radio waves. She’s up there with the best of them and certainly one to watch for next year. She’s playing a show at Communion Night @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC on 6th December – if you can, please go and see her perform, you won’t regret it! See more info here.

Listen to her current singles on SoundCloud here. Watch the video for ‘Weekend Millionaires’ here and listen to the audio of ‘Hate To Tell You’ on her YouTube channel here. Follow Katelyn on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her music releases. Follow me on Instagram to see my latest posts as soon as they’re published.

Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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