People are nosey and love to know about people’s lives and habits, don’t they? I certainly do, especially what people do at Christmas. I’ve created a list of questions that I’m going to answer about Christmas and am going to tag some other bloggers who I want to answer these questions too.


1. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
It changes from year to year, but this year it would have to be I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard – apparently they filmed the video in a scorching hot New York in July, how? 😂 I actually wrote a whole post about my Christmas playlist this year, which can be read HERE.

2. Favourite Christmas film?
This year it would have to be Elf, a film everyone loves – someone’s lying if they deny that they love Elf. Again I wrote a post my favourite Christmas films, which can be viewed HERE.

3. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Instead of stockings on Christmas Day, our family have a little gift bag for each of us with little stocking gifts in it. They’re usually cute and actually really useful! We give them on Christmas Eve and it’s little things to open and to get the family excited for the present opening on Christmas Day. We won’t be doing them this year as we’re away, but it’ll be great to spend time with the whole family (cousins and aunties included) this year instead.

4. Have a favourite holiday food?
My mum does the best mini sausages dipped in honey and sesame seeds, they’re my favourite – not necessarily seasonal, but they’re always made at Christmas! 😍😍 also I like all the festive chocolate – Lindt, Heroes and Celebrations.

5. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
It’s fake.

6. What’s your favourite Christmas present you’ve ever received?
I’ve received so many great gifts over the years, but I have to say receiving my iMac in 2011 was my favourite, simply because I knew absolutely nothing about it.

7. Best part about the holidays?
Spending time with your family and friends, with all the Christmas specials on the TV and having lots of laughs as well as an amazing Christmas dinner.

8. Worst part?
Probably that it’s over so quickly, and people’s Christmas spirit is gone as soon as Boxing Day comes around and everyone’s nursing a hangover.

9.  Do you have any tree decorations that are sentimental to you? If so, how come?
There’s a Fred & Barney Flinstones decoration that we have on our tree, it’s of them in their footmobile (the car they scoot along with their feet) and even though the string to it and the roof of the car’s fallen off, we still have it sitting on our tree. It’s sentimental to our family – my Mum got it from Florida one year and it’s stuck on the tree ever since.

10. Do you wrap your gifts to look cute or just use wrapping paper and nothing else?
Most years I just use wrapping paper (not very well), but this year I got some cheap tags, ribbons and stamps from Forever Tiger and used that to make my gifts look really cute. It doesn’t matter that it goes straight in the bin, it all only cost about £5. It’s nice to make an effort 😊

11. What version of Do They Know It’s Christmas do you prefer – 1984, 2004 or 2014?
Even though I wasn’t born in the era of the song being released, I personally prefer the 1984 version. I only know 3 or 4 people in it, but it’s still the best one.

12. Have a Christmas jumper? If so, what does it look like?

I have one from Primark that lights up. I would put it on and take a video or something, but all the lights have gone out on the jumper 😂
Here marks the end of my Christmas Tag for 2016. Below are a list of the people I tag to answer the questions in my tag:
Anyone else who wants to can do this tag as well, tweet me if you answer my questions.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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