I’ve read a lot of blogs over the last year, and much like last year I’m writing a post about a few bloggers that I’ve enjoyed reading so much over 2016. Here goes, enjoy!

Lady Writes (written by Chloe)

Chloe featured in last year’s post as well as this one, and for good reason. Her blog is wonderful to read, and photos are stunning! How does she do it? I think Chloe’s got great things ahead for her blog, perhaps doing it full-time. I think everyone would love to see that, wouldn’t you?

Sprinkle of Glitter (written by Louise Pentland)

Louise Pentland has a very successful YouTube channel Sprinkle of Glitter (you may have seen her face somewhere around London if you live there!) and before she before her channel, she started a blog called Sprinkle of Glitter.
It’s wonderfully written and the photos are amazing, they should definitely be admired. I love this blog and will continue to read it as long as Louise updates it.

The Lipstick Lady (written by Alex)

Alex does a great job with The Lipstick Lady, writing lots of beauty and lifestyle reviews, but her highlight for me is her Snapchat stories and Get Ready With Me’s, where she applies her makeup on camera and shows you how to do the same. It’s a great blog and each review is very-well written and balanced. Alex definitely something great on her hands here. I’m so jealous of her beauty room! Can I have one?!

Charlene McElhinney (written by Charlene McElhinney)

Scottish blogger Charlene has a personal blog where she writes about all sorts of things, including product reviews, event reviews and even touching on the subject of mental health, being very open about her depression and anxiety, encouraging people to speak out about these issues. If you want to see her amazingly honest and great YouTube video about it, click HERE.

So those are some of my favourite blogs this year. Take a read of them and I’m sure you’ll love them too, please do let me know if you read any of them already.

Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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