It’s now 2017 and as is custom with every new year, people make New Years’ Resolutions, goals that they want to cross off their list before the end of the year. Said resolutions usually include losing weight and eating healthier, but I say I’ll do it every year and never do. Although I could do with shifting a few pounds I’m certainly not putting myself under any kind of pressure.

One thing I have done is bought a Gratitude and Habit planner from Kikki.K, a great stationary brand who have some of the best looking stationary everย ๐Ÿ˜ย a full review of these products is coming soon, once I’ve had a real chance to use them. The only resolution I have is to make the best of everything, as too often I (and everyone else) likes to turn everything into a negative situation, just bringing everyone down.

I’m also going to be practicing mindfulness and relaxation a lot more, as it’s so beneficial to every part of your life. Towards the end of last year, I tried not to watch the news that much as it was really affecting my mood as I was being told what the press wanted us to hear which was overwhelmingly negative. I caught up with the big stories as and when I was in the mindset to do so.

Hope you all have a great 2017 and achieve everything you want to and more. What are your resolutions? Let me know below in the comments or by tweeting me. Happy New Year! If you want to see more from me, then follow me on Instagram to see more of my picsย โ˜บ๏ธ

Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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