Bi-Coastal Alternative band FAULKNER formed in 2013 and have gone from strength to strength since. From releasing their first EP earlier and going on tour around the US, they’ve certainly been given a chance. I got an opportunity to catch up with bassist Dimitri Farougias over the phone to see what they’re all about.

AJ: For all my readers who don’t know Faulkner, could you explain a little about who you are.
DF: “Sure! I’m Dimitri, I’m the bassist in Faulkner. There’s three other members – Lucas Asher who is kind of like the main figure in the band, he’s the main vocalist, guitar player and songwriter. Eric Scullin who is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist producer who plays keys, guitar and also is a vocalist in Faulkner. Finally there’s Christian Hogan who’s our drummer.”
AJ: How did you guys meet?
DF: “Through the LA music scene. About three and a half years ago we were all in different projects and just doing our own thing, kinda came together through Lucas and started making some music together – it felt great, it felt right and we just wanted to keep doing it.”
AJ: Nice! If you guys had to cover any song ever made, which would it be and why?
DF: “Hmmm…. ‘Bank Robber’ by The Clash? We just love The Clash and they’re one of our all-time favourite bands.”
AJ: ‘Revanchist’ is quite a name for an EP. What does it mean and how does it symbolise your music?
DF: “It is French for “he or she who seeks revenge” and it came through a whole lot of reading and tied in perfectly with a lot of themes of retribution and Faulkner lyrics in the EP so it fit in perfectly.”
AJ: So you guys have made quite an emphasis on being bi-coastal working in both LA and New York, but in which place do you feel the most creative? Is there a place where you write songs best but record them best somewhere else?
DF: “We find both places equally creative, New York has definitely let itself to us as a very edgy, very intense environment and we bring that aspect of it to the music. Then LA being more sunny, relaxed and more spaced out provides more of an atmosphere and laid-back aspect in our music to me.
You know I always make the same comparison now, when asked I always say that New York is sort of this magnificent piece of art where you just wanna like jump in and play and feel and touch everything. LA lets itself to be this massive empty canvas where you wake up every day and you can do whatever the hell you want with it.”
Watch the video for ‘Revolutionary’, embedded above.
AJ: You’ve been working with some legendary producers. What have you learnt from their experiences?
“We work with some really amazing people, one of them being JP Bowersock who worked with The Strokes on their first few albums and co-wrote a couple of Ryan Adams albums – the man is sort of a cult figure in New York especially. I guess the best thing the band and I took away from him was his ability to pick the right take, because we track most things live in the studio which is a fairly grinding process and as the band doing it, you get jaded and your ears get tired as you’re having a hard time picking the best take but his ability to just stop you instead of working to the bone is incredible.
We also worked with Mark Needham who’s worked with The Killers and Magic Dragons. He’s a veteran mixer and been doing it for decades. I guess we picked up a lot more technical stuff from him and his philosophy for making music and how he brings both art and science together, even numerology as he uses it to pick tempos for the songs so he used that with us and he drops all sorts of wisdom on us that’s priceless. It’s been a privilege and a great gift to get to work with these music guys.”
AJ: You direct your own music videos and they’re all made in monochrome, what are your reasons for this?
DF: “It’s because it’s so direct and simple you know? We don’t want it to take anything away from the music, we don’t want to use a lot of bells and whistles, we’re all about sending out a clear and direct message through our music and lyrics. The monochrome approach to the artwork, from the album to the videos I think is the most efficient and direct way to deliver that.”
AJ: Have you guys got any tour dates or anything like that lined up?
DF: “Yes we have. Dates keep piling up for Spring across the US for sure – definitely lots of dates in North America coming up. We’re doing a quick run in New York for Fashion Week in February playing a whole bunch of events there so that should be a lot of fun. It’s currently in the process of finalising all the dates for Spring and Summer.”
Thank you to Dimitri for answering my questions and providing some great answers. Follow Faulkner on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see more about their upcoming releases and tour dates. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with more of my blog posts.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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