A simple song with just piano, lyrics and not much else is a great calming tool probably missing from your library. Lorne is one to change that, especially in the madness that has been 2016. If you like bands like Amber Run, serene and soft, you’ll love Lorne.

Unlike Amber Run Lorne is a one-man show, playing his own piano and listening to his music, you’ll realise (much like I did) that he’s an amazing pianist. His Maze EP contains only a coupe of songs, but that’s all you need to fall head over heels for his voice and the way he composes music.

There’s a few upbeat songs within the four on the EP, but the slow quiet piece ‘Bread Alone’ really stands out. You know when you’re staring out of a train window thinking about the world wishing there was a song from a movie playing in the background? Play Bread Alone next time you do that and you’ll be surprised how much it would fit into that exact scene in a movie – or it seriously belongs on one of those really sentimental montages. Hollywood? Put this song on a soundtrack, you won’t regret it.

The song recently premiered on nialler9, so click HERE to have a listen.

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Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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