How is it September already? I was looking through my calendar and realised how much of the year has whizzed by. But it’s now autumn, my favourite season of the year – I have a couple of reasons listed below as to why.


The leaves turn a lovely shade of orange and litter the ground, making lots of great Insta posts and being lovely to walk across and look at as part of a landscape.

Frost when waking up, making it a very fresh morning 👌🏻

Cosy nights in having hot chocolate and heart-warming food whilst watching the rain fall outside (which is the most likely weather as I live in the UK 😂)

Wrapping up in such warm clothing when stepping out the door – winter coats, scarves etc.

Having fairly lights to light up the house on an evening and it being acceptable ✨

Turning up at work/school with a flask full of tea/coffee/hot chocolate to warm you up.

The sun going down early, so you can enjoy the sunset and all the gorgeous colours it has to offer 🌅

So those are just some of the reasons why I love autumn, do you agree with any of them or have any to add? I’d be so intrigued to know, pop them in the comments.

Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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