Classically trained at a young age, Joe Hicks certainly knows his way around an instrument. It was inevitable then that he would fall into the hands of music producers and begin writing and recording his own music. This has seen him climb to success on BBC Introducing and included in Spotify and SoundCloud playlists from users all over the world.

His new single ‘Burning’ is described by Hicks himself as “‘Burning’ is about that addiction you get to someone, especially in the early stages of a relationship, where everything else in your life becomes almost non-existent for a while. It’s like when you both call in sick to work so you can just stay in bed together all day. Completely blind, glorious, lustful self-destruction.”

That is portrayed throughout every lyric of this song, as the rising crescendo on each chorus is hard to ignore   Each time it comes on I find myself tapping away at the minimalism yet genius of it, complementing the simplicity of its message and Hicks’ musical style. You might see this song in a future What I Listened To playlist, because I sure will be listening to it a lot, and you should too.

Listen to ‘Burning’ on Spotify, download it on iTunes and follow Joe on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

Happy Listening!
A K Jones
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