As we all know, a bath is made so much better with a bath bomb or fizzer, filling the bath with a great pattern/scent. The Body Shop have since released their own bath bombs, with different scents – some of them are pictured below.

For the purpose of this review I tried out the Candied Plum one in the bath the other day (who doesnโ€™t love a nice bath?) and I immediately noticed once dropping the bomb into the bath is that itโ€™s silent. There is no noise coming from it whatsoever.
When usually Lush or other bath bombs would have a little fizzing noise, thereโ€™s none with this one which actually is quite nice, evoking a sense of calm and for some reason I liked watching it fizz away more because itโ€™s silent.
The scent is very obvious once the bath bomb enters the water, but isnโ€™t too overpowering. In fact, you can smell it inside the packaging so can get a sense of the scent your bath will have. The Candied Plum and all the other scents (Iโ€™ve got all of them – I went back and bought more ๐Ÿ˜Š) smell amazing but arenโ€™t too overpowering at all.
The best part? All the ingredients are organic and in-line with The Body Shopโ€™s non animal testing message which is great for everyone.
Also theyโ€™re a steal at only ยฃ1.50 each! So for two of The Body Shop bath bomb you could have one of Lushโ€™s, so theyโ€™re definitely great value for money.
You can buy the Body Shopโ€™s bath bombs online or at your local Body Shop store.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones

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