As we all know, a bath is made so much better with a bath bomb or fizzer, filling the bath with a great pattern/scent. The Body Shop have since released their own bath bombs, with different scents – some of them are pictured below.

For the purpose of this review I tried out the Candied Plum one in the bath the other day (who doesn’t love a nice bath?) and I immediately noticed once dropping the bomb into the bath is that it’s silent. There is no noise coming from it whatsoever.
When usually Lush or other bath bombs would have a little fizzing noise, there’s none with this one which actually is quite nice, evoking a sense of calm and for some reason I liked watching it fizz away more because it’s silent.
The scent is very obvious once the bath bomb enters the water, but isn’t too overpowering. In fact, you can smell it inside the packaging so can get a sense of the scent your bath will have. The Candied Plum and all the other scents (I’ve got all of them – I went back and bought more 😊) smell amazing but aren’t too overpowering at all.
The best part? All the ingredients are organic and in-line with The Body Shop’s non animal testing message which is great for everyone.
Also they’re a steal at only £1.50 each! So for two of The Body Shop bath bomb you could have one of Lush’s, so they’re definitely great value for money.
You can buy the Body Shop’s bath bombs online or at your local Body Shop store.
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