After being a Featured Artist of mine a few months ago, I’ve always kept in touch with Lorne. So I was ever so excited to see that he’d released his debut EP ‘Maze’ yesterday. Read what I had to say about his music HERE.

Songs of the EP swing between sway-your-arms sombre and tap-your-feet-upbeat and it’s a perfect mix, especially as the release of debut single ‘Bread Alone’ left me wanting to hear more from Lorne, and I wasn’t disappointed. His sound is definitely comparable to bands like Bastille, with bare and perfect vocals, accompanied by a very minimalist but necessary backing track.
‘Oil and Water’ is quite the example of what I mean and I think is the knockout track of the four-song EP. Its message and slow tempo is both an illustration of the next part of the tragic story being portrayed throughout each song.
Overall it’s a great start from Lorne and I can’t wait to hear more from him – neither should you. Go and listen on Spotify and buy the EP on iTunes, you won’t be disappointed.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones
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