Motivational quotes are definitely my thing. I look at them all the time and they help to either keep my inspired to write, or keep calm during anxious times. I’ll put the link to the source under each one so you can save it if you would like.

If I’m ever feeling anxious, I just put this as my iPhone background, so I can glance down at it and it reminds me to keep calm and “whatever happens, happens”.
This quote always motivates me to work harder, as I know it’s true.

If you’re not going to worry about it in 5 years’ time, why spend 5 minutes worrying about it now?

That’s a great quote for me to stop overthinking and worrying too much, which I think we’re all guilty of doing. If I find my mind going into overdrive over something, I remind myself of that quote and it helps a lot.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

– Nelson Mandela

Mr Mandela’s famous quote is very inspirational to me and lots of others, as people try lots of new things and break boundaries that they thought were impossible.
I hope you enjoyed that little collection and be sure to share your favourite quotes in the comments if you have any.
Happy Listening!
A K Jones
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8 Comments on Quotes That Always Help Me

  1. Definitely bookmarking this for when I need a kick up the bum! I love the one about building dreams – so motivational! xoSian |

  2. I know right, that's a particular favourite of mine too! It's a great bookmark to have, definitely will help when you don't feel inspired.Amy

  3. Aren't they amazing? They're great to remember if you hit a low point or need some inspiration to keep working on a project or just in life.Amy

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