February was an interesting month, and we in the UK are ending surrounding by a white blanket of snow, which is unusual for this time of year. I had a great February, including going on holiday to Florida (post about that coming soon) and being busy at work.

This month’s playlist includes tunes new and old, including the usual suspects. The new stuff includes Imagine Dragons, new singles from Ciaran Lavery and Pop Evil as well as some old throwback tunes from Will Young and the UK’s greatest boyband of the 00s, Busted. See the tracklist below and listen for yourself on Spotify (embedded below the tracklist).

1. Dancing – Kylie Minogue
2. Festival – RaeLynn
3. To Chicago – Ciaran Lavery
4. She’s American – The 1975
5. I Got You – Josh Mirenda
6. Television Romance – Pale Waves
7. Breathe – Jax Jones, Ina Wroldsen
8. Thought It Was Gonna Be Me – Catherine McGrath
9. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.
10. Waking Lions – Pop Evil
11. Devil – The Wandering Hearts
12. Rattle – The Wandering Hearts
13. Evergreen – Will Young
14. Personal Thunder – Will Young
15. Love Me – The 1975
16. It Ain’t Me (with Selena Gomez) – Kygo
17. From Paris To Berlin – Infernal
18. Chocolate – The 1975
19. Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons
20. Loser Kid – Busted
21. What I Go To School For – Busted
22. Britney – Busted
23. Psycho Girl – Busted
24. Who’s David – Busted
Hope you enjoyed this month’s playlist, and hopefully find a new favourite artist or single!
Happy Listening!

A K Jones


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7 Comments on What I’ve Been Listening To 🎧 | February 2018

  1. YES! Busted! I downloaded loads of Busted songs last month after my boyfriend mentioned Year 3000 and I was like oooh, I haven’t heard that in forever. Busted and McFly are more or less all I’ve been listening to for the last couple of weeks haha! Jennyhttp://www.jennyinneverland.com

  2. Love Busted, reminds me of when I was just a little teeny bop. Personally last month all I have been listening to is the Greatest Showman soundtrack. Can't stop listening to it!Rebecca Elaine x

  3. I see a lot of people have been listening to that, I don't think I would be a fan personally but I might have to give it a shot.Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

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