Country superstar Kacey Musgraves helped bring the genre back to the popular state it’s in today, with singles from her debut album Same Trailer Different Park being played on BBC Radio 2, a storming performance at this year’s Country to Country and gaining critical acclaim with her ripping up the rulebook way of talking about small town issues.


Golden Hour is the third chapter of her story, and Musgraves shows that it doesn’t have to be a guitar and banjo – there’s a slight whiff of The Bee Gees throughout ‘High Horse’, as it rings to a chorus of synths and a toxicating drum beat, even the most seasoned Country fan wouldn’t be able to resist tapping along.

‘Mother’ has a rather interesting origin story: whilst tripping on LSD, Musgraves got a text from her mum. After which she decided to write the album’s shortest song at just 1:18, an ode to her mother. Since a lot of people have expressed that it makes them want to hug their mother closer or remember them fondly if not in their life. See, LSD can have its uses if you’re a songwriter.

Ballad ‘Oh What A World’ brings light to how beautiful nature is in the opening bars “oh what a world / I don’t wanna leave / there’s all kinds of magic / It’s hard to believe”, it’s definitely something people don’t appreciate that much, so should hopefully get people into saving the planet and I liken it to ‘What A Wonderful World’, but with more banjo and for the modern age.

Musgraves shines on this record, as her “golden hour of her life at 29” brings great depth to her songwriting talent and probably new fans that will be endeared to her experimental way of changing Country music.

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