OK, I’m going to admit this right now, I stole this idea. But it’s from the lovely Jenny, so I hope she doesn’t mind!


Every month, I want to set myself some goals to see if I can achieve them throughout the month, with a round-up post at the end to see how I did. Below are my goals for April, enjoy!

Write at least one blog post a week: I keep falling in and out of blogging and being really unmotivated to write anything. I hope this changes as I will try to publish one blog post a week for the month and hope that it inspires me to keep going – I really don’t want this site to go to ruins because I’m too busy, I need to make time for it.
Reach 500 followers on Instagram: My Instagram page has always been lacking pictures that aren’t blog post promos, so I really want to change that by perhaps introducing outfit posts or more of myself at least. I’m so shy in front of the camera so hopefully it can bring me out of my shell a bit!
Finish one of the two books I’m currently reading: I spend my time before I go to bed either on my phone or writing in my 30 Day Writing Challenge book, but I hope that I can further my mind and read either one of two books currently sat on my bedside table.
Go for a reflexology session: I really don’t treat myself that often in terms of self-care, so a refloxogy (or foot massage) session is perfect for relaxation and having some zone-out time with no devices, just heaven for your feet and mind. I nearly fall asleep because it’s so relaxing, and I can’t wait to be in that state again.Do you have any goals for April that you want to achieve? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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  1. I don't mind at all! I love reading other people's goals. These are all great, achievable goals. I hope your reflexology session is super refreshing. But best of luck with all of them!Jennyhttp://www.jennyinneverland.com

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