Straight-talking weird weekender Louis Theroux has produced some great documentaries, even a feature film discovering the strange human beings and things on this very Earth and beyond. Some of my favourites that I think you should watch are below.


My Scientology Movie
This is Theroux’s debut feature film and it’s a great one – if you’re a conspiracy theorist or always wondered how the weird, sometimes intrusive world of scientology works, then please watch this one. It’s so interesting and will definitely spark your interest in this strange cult, but also in what else Theroux has produced. It’s on DVD, or anywhere you can buy films, including Amazon Prime Video*.

America’s Medicated Kids
ADHD and other disorder treatment with medication is definitely a tetchy subject, but Theroux explores this in a very dignified way, interviewing parents and the children themselves to see how it affects them. Sometimes the only option to help them, these parents have no choice, but whether they want to or not is a different story. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Among The Sex Offenders
Part of his LA Stories series, Theroux meets with past sex offenders to see how far they’ve come in their rehabilitation and what help and support is available. He also delves deep into the psychology of how they offend, making sure to ask the right questions to keep viewers interested, but not want to punch the screen out of frustration and disgust. It too is streaming on Netflix.

Louis and The Brothel
Mr Theroux spends a very interesting six weeks in a Nevada brothel (where brothels are somewhat legal) and interviews everyone working there, from the managers to the girls themselves. It’s really intriguing and certainly opened my eyes to the horrors and craziness in the sex industry of America. As before, this is also streaming on Netflix.

These four are really good at highlighting different people and parts of society you never even imagined to exist. If you’ve watched any of Louis’ documentaries, do let me know in the comments.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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  1. Thank you for this! I absolutely love documentaries and haven't watched nearly enough Louis! I saw his one on transgender kids and thought it was brilliant. I'll definitely be finding the Scientology one somewhere – that sounds fascinating!Jenny

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