Christmas is not only time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, but to give and receive lovely gifts. Now a somewhat yearly tradition in my Blogmas posts, here’s what I would very kindly like from Saint Nick this year. If you wish to see what I had on my wishlist in 2015, and 2016, then please do so by clicking on the corresponding links.

Without further ado, let’s crack on with what I would like for Christmas this year.

Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel


After years of not knowing how to do anything with my brows, I now get them waxed every 6 weeks. I would like this to start making my eyebrows a bit more full and have a bit more dimension to them, and benefit seem like the best brand to go with – lots of people have raved about this product and I’m the last to try it.

Benefit Get The Pretty Started! Bronze, Blush & Highlight Palette

I have bronzer, blush and highlight, but would like it in one palette, as I keep running out of all of the products I’ve already got. I’ve never tried any of the products included on their own, but I would like to try them all in one place. 
ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor
In my last job I used duel screens and really liked it. I tried to replicate two screens using the Duet app for my iPad, but it now doesn’t work as my iPad is so old and doesn’t update the software. I would like the ASUS ZenScreen* as it’s versatile for on-the-go duel screens and also has a touch screen surface, much like iPad, but less expensive and bigger. 

Amazon Vouchers

Amazon is the holy land for online shoppers, with pretty much anything you could ever want on there. I know there’s been so much controversy over working standards, but I love the range of products on offer. Vouchers would help me get all those books and other things in my Amazon wishlist.

That concludes my Christmas wish list for this year. Of course I don’t expect every item on the list at all, I’m happy with whatever I open on Christmas Day. I will be sharing what I got for Christmas in the days between Christmas and New Year, so be sure to come back when it’s published and check it out.

A K Jones

*I’m using an Amazon Affiliate link, meaning I receive a few pennies for any purchase you make using my link. 

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