It’s now become a yearly tradition for the country’s biggest supermarkets/companies to make a Christmas advert, some of which are better than others. Here’s my selection.

Iceland ‘Say Hello To Rang-Tan’ Advert

Surprisingly, this advert is banned from ever being shown on television, as they say it’s “too political”. I and lots of others don’t think so, but instead raises an important issue of palm oil and its effects on the rainforest, killing the local environment for different species.

Its ban has caused rather the opposite outcome, with over five million people watching the advert – you can watch it yourself above, let me know what you think.

Aldi ‘Kevin The Carrot’ Advert Series


How can you not be charmed by Kevin The Carrot and his little carrot family? In fact, Aldi has been selling little plushies of the family and people have been going wild for them. It’s not hard to see why – take a watch of the advert and see for yourself.

‘The Big Night’ Sainsbury’s Ad

Sainsbury’s ad this year focuses on a school play, and a shy singer who, with a nod from her Mum, belts out ‘You Get What You Give’ by the New Radicals. The choir soon join in, with my favourite part – a boy dressed as a plug, who jumps into the socket and lights up the stage. You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean.

McDonalds’ #ReindeerReady Ad

Normally I wouldn’t be mentioning McDonalds on here, but this advert is such a nice story. Santa turns up to lots of houses to deliver presents and none of them have carrots for the reindeer (shameful, really). Mr Claus then finds the golden arches in the distance, goes in and explains. The staff get a giant sack of carrots for the reindeer to eat and they’re all so happy.

Heathrow Airport #HeathrowBears Ad


Originating in 2016, the Heathrow Bears have been on many adventures, all ending up in them getting home just in time to celebrate Christmas with their family in England. This year’s instalment shows the bears having a fab time relaxing on sun-loungers by the pool in Florida.

Those are my picks for 2018’s ads. Is there any I missed? Let me know.

They talk to their relatives back in the UK on Skype, realising that it’s better for them to go back to London for Christmas, so ends with the bears turning up at their family’s door to surprise and join them for the Christmas season. It’s very heartwarming, so take a look above.

A K Jones

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