At the start of this year, I set myself some clear goals that I wanted to achieve at the end of 2018. In this here blog post, I will go back to each of these goals and see how I got on.


1. Write more!
I think I have certainly achieved that, as I wrote nearly 60 posts this year. I know people write a lot more than that, but having a full-time from January to September meant I couldn’t write as much. I wrote at least one post a month on here, with you lovely readers supporting each and every one – thank you. I appreciate it so much.

2. Run a 10K
For this one I can give it a big, fat no. I didn’t run much at all during 2018, but did get more into exercise towards the latter part of the year, doing at least three fitness classes a week. I feel proud to at least have done that, be getting out and seeing people as well as having fun whilst losing weight.

3. Get to 10,000 steps everyday
I tried to my hardest to hit my step goal from January to July, and I think (?) succeeded, that’s until I got an Apple Watch at the end of July and their exercise tracking is a little different. It bases your goals on what you set and achieve, boosting or downgrading your ‘Activity’ goal as it sees fit.

4. Post more on Instagram
I certainly posted more this year on my Instagram Stories, something I’m getting to grips with. I don’t always post on Instagram, but I tried so hard to create unique content for the platform. The messed up algorithm, if I’m honest, doesn’t make posting on Instagram worth it but I’ll still try to get as much engagement as possible.

5. Go clubbing
I didn’t achieve this, partly because when I was working I didn’t have time, and now I’m not working I can’t afford it. Let’s hope 2019 is a better year for this goal.

Did you achieve your goals this year? Be sure to tell me all about it in the comments!

A K Jones
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