I like to set myself some goals at the start of a year and see where I am with them at the end. It gives me something to look forward to achieving in January and throughout the months of 2019. Below are the goals I’m setting myself for next year.

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Get a full-time job that I enjoy.
I know it’s something so out of my control as I keep putting applications in all over the place, but I hope to be employed and have a good, permanent, stable job that I love and will be shouting from the rooftops about.

Post more podcast episodes, and ON TIME.
If you didn’t already know, I’ve got a podcast and I’m not always the most consistent person with it, missing scheduled episode upload days or not having enough content to put on my socials. Next year I hope to be a bit more organised about it, and have more time to create things like videos to support episodes and make sure they reach a wide audience.

Drive on the motorway more.
Since I passed my driving test recently, I’m now able to drive on UK motorways. I went on the M3 recently and it was quite scary, particularly the speed of different cars. I only travelled to the next junction in the same lane (it’s a smart motorway) but I want to travel further and get more confident.

I might go the second junction along, turn around and come straight back again. Seems pointless, but will certainly help grow my motorway driving skills.

Meditate more.
Meditation is one of my favourite ways of relaxing, but I only do so at night. Practicing mindfulness has helped me so much in my struggles to sleep and calming my anxiety, so I should probably do a bit more during the day or in the morning, to start my day off the right way.

These are my goals for 2019, do you have any? Let me know.

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