Along with the usual Christmas classics, there’s a whole raft of lyrically-silly Christmas songs made by popular artists. Some of my favourite are below.

I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas – Kacey Musgraves


Who knew that one of my favourite Country artists had released a Country album? I gave it a listen and this song immediately stuck out. If you have a child who asks for something a bit outlandish this year, you’ll know what Musgraves means by the lyrics.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer – Dr. Elmo


The quirky Christmas song was originally released in 1979 by Patsy & Elmo, two people who were sick of the same songs being played all the time. It’s not an entirely joyous song, as its story is about a Grandma who got run over by a reindeer (as the title suggests) and what happened afterwards.

A Cheeky Christmas – The Cheeky Girls


Who remembers The Cheeky Girls? Romanian twins Gabriela and Monica shot to fame in the early 00s, with ‘Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)’ and subsequently released the catchy but rather strange ‘A Cheeky Christmas’, reaching number 10 in the charts. Give it a listen on Spotify. Also might I say, that album cover isn’t creepy at all…

Last Christmas – Crazy Frog

I was just about recovering from that awful song from The Crazy Frog with Axel F, and then I find out he’s got a Christmas song. The monstrosity that comes out of this animated characters’ mouth doesn’t remind me of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’, but a Christmas phone ringtone. Save your ears by avoiding it all costs. If I have piqued your interest, view the even stranger video HERE.

So that’s some of the strangest festive tunes out there. If you have any more that I may have missed, be sure to let me know.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones


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