Christmas films are a staple of the festive season, with millions of people tuning into to them on TV or buying them on DVD. Below are my favourite films I watch every year.

Home Alone


Macaulay Culkin’s performance in Home Alone is very family friendly, but also now a classic. Caulkin’s character Kevin gets left behind at home with his family go to Paris for Christmas. I’ve seen it already this year and it made my weekend – I can’t believe that no-one’s ever seen it. Watch it on TV or catch-up services if they have it.

Bad Santa

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Conversely this film isn’t family-friendly, unless everyone in your family over the age of 18. It’s got some quite colourful language (putting it lightly) and features an alcoholic mall Santa, who gets fired from his job and finds answers in life from a child he meets. I won’t say anymore, but please do watch it, it’ll make you laugh.


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Ah, Elf. A joyous, heartwarming story about Buddy, a human who was raised in Santa’s workshop as an elf. He eventually finds out that was adopted and finds his Dad in NYC. The ending’s guaranteed to make me emotional when I watch it every year, but it’s so lovely. Another classic that the whole family can enjoy.

Those are my Christmas film faves. Are there any that you watch every year without fail? Let me know.

A K Jones
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