Christmas is a hard time for some, particularly those who are homeless/in desperate need of support, maybe as someone living in a refuge or using a foodbank, which is why my family and I are giving back this year.


We did a thing called the ‘reverse advent calendar’ where instead of opening a window each day on a traditional calendar, we instead filled a box with one item each day throughout the month of December to give to a local foodbank. Our box is full of toiletries and sanitary items, vital things that people need but aren’t able to get if they have to buy nappies or a little food with their weekly budget.

It feels so good to be giving something back, especially to the local community, and you should do the same: volunteer at a local foodbank or community centre if you want to do something different this Christmas, or donate in the same way that we are – anywhere you take it will be very grateful for your items.

A K Jones

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