Let’s be real here – Christmas cards are a hassle to send every year. Having a pile of cards and envelopes higher than the Eiffel Tower, getting pen smudges everywhere and ending up with a severed tongue from sealing all the envelopes.

Enter Paperless Post. It lets you send cards, invitations and a lot more over email so you can connect with your loved ones and invite them to a Christmas party or other gathering without spending money on 500 stamps and only using 20. The video below shows the plethora of options available for customisation.

There’s loads of options to choose from, including company event invitations and cards.

To design a premium card (there are a few free options) you have to buy coins, which can be bought in packs – they’re really affordable and cost less than a pack of stamps, which is great value. (For full disclosure: I was very kindly gifted some coins from Paperless Post to create and send a card).

The coin options available to you.

Once you’ve decided on a card or event invitation, they are fully customisable to fit your brand – you can even upload your own logo. There’s options to change the backdrop of the item you’re sending, add motifs for Christmas, Graduation or another special event that your family/clients/favourite people will be attending.

I customised a card for you to show you how many options there are and how easy it is to change.

There is also an opportunity to customise the envelopes of your card or invitation, not something you get to do when buying cards in a shop. You can choose the envelope colour (there are some really cool ones, including rose gold), and even the postmark can be changed to your city or state (in the US, I’m hoping they’ll bring out UK ones soon! 🤞🏻).

After designing the envelope, it’s time to choose your special recipients. All you have to do is enter your name and their names and emails, it’s literally as simple as that. You can even upload your entire address book and send it to them in one go. A free preview can be sent to your email to make sure it looks perfect before sending to your loved ones/friends.

Much like Blue Peter, below is the preview of a card I made earlier that will be sent to all of my podcast participants, so you can see what it looks like when sent.

The best part about sending a card is that you can schedule delivery. So for example with my card, it would be too early to send it, so I would schedule delivery for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but an event invitation or something similar could be made ahead of time and scheduled to send whenever you want.

Sending cards also costs coins, but the total cost of the card is displayed to you transparently throughout the process, with no nasty fees or dodgy charges that you don’t remember paying for.

I would definitely recommend Paperless Post for sending cards or invitations, as they are fully customisable and a reasonable price for sending them over the Internet – no more paper cards and envelopes, so it’s also more environmentally-friendly than the cards that just go to landfill by New Year.

Even better: they even have a mobile app, so you can design and send cards on the go! Find out more on the App Store.

Check out Paperless Post’s website, their Instagram and Twitter pages for regular updates.

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A K Jones

Paperless Post gifted me coins for buying cards and sending them, but opinions are my own.

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