Hooked On The Music


Why I Don’t Want To Be A ‘Full-Time Blogger’

Full-time bloggers seriously deserve a round of applause – it seems like a dream job, but must be a nightmare. Chasing up invoices from 5 years’ ago, the fluctuating income every month and the pressure to write consistently, with doubts that anyone’s going to read what you’ve written because it’s crap.

My Makeup Faves

Makeup is something that I’m not particularly interested in, but I am trying to broaden my horizons and buy some products I might enjoy wearing/using. But I’m a creature of habit, so only have a couple of items I use everyday. Below are the my makeup faves. (Beware, this is my best effort to make it look Instagram-worthy!).


Unsurprisingly, I watch quite a lot of TV. I’m loving quite a few shows at the moment on a variety of platforms and I’m going to list them for your reading. You might find a new show that you can binge!

Quotes That Always Help Me

Motivational quotes are definitely my thing. I look at them all the time and they help to either keep my inspired to write, or keep calm during anxious times. I’ll put the link to the source under each one so you can save it if you would like.

Preserving One Second Everyday

It doesn’t take much time to capture a memory these days. With the snap of a phone camera we can take a picture and a few taps to share it far and wide. If you decide not to take that picture, small memories, decisions and days doing great things can be lost.

My Day at ITV News

Earlier this week I got the amazing opportunity to shadow the ITV News team for the day, learning how it all works: putting the news bulletins together, the graphics involved, the whole nine yards. So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited but terrified in equal measures, as I didn’t know what to expect.