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Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour (2018)*

Country superstar Kacey Musgraves helped bring the genre back to the popular state it’s in today, with singles from her debut album Same Trailer Different Park being played on BBC Radio 2, a storming performance at this year’s Country to Country and gaining critical acclaim with her ripping up the rulebook way of talking about small town issues.

The Wandering Hearts – Wild Silence (2018)*

London-based Country/Americana foursome The Wandering Hearts might be a foreign name to you, but if you listen to the radio there’s a chance you might have heard one of their tracks before. With lots of play on BBC Radio 2 and an interview on Bob Harris’ Country Show among lots of publicity they’ve done, their debut album Wild Silence is out today. (more…)

Craig David – The Time Is Now (2018)

UK garage sensation Craig David stormed on to the mainstream music scene in the late 90s with a feature on the Artful Dodger’s ‘Re-Rewind’, then found success with ‘7 Days’, a fan favourite. After a bit of a hiatus David released ‘Following My Intuition’ in 2016. So what will his sixth studio album ‘The Time Is Now’ offer?

Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost (2017)

Amber Run’s profile has certainly been raised since their debut 5AM in 2015. Their duo of music videos with the same story and characters associated with songs ‘I Found’ and ‘Pilot’ brought their music to a lot of people’s ears. Now For A Moment, I Was Lost is showcasing their talent once again.


Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor (2016)

Dubbed “the ultimate female rockstar” by The Blues Magazine reflects just how long a career singer/songwriter Beth Hart has had – after rising to fame in the 90s with a few hit singles, ‘LA Song’ being the most notable, reaching number 1 in New Zealand and featuring in 90210, only raising her profile further.

Green Day – Revolution Radio (2016)

You would’ve heard Green Day’s music somewhere, as their career spanning three decades has brought them a place in the Hall Of Fame, a Broadway musical and countless albums and tours. Following on from the ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! trilogy of 2012 comes Revolution Radio, sounding more like the politically-charged album titles the band are well-known for.

Ward Thomas – Cartwheels (2016)*

Ward Thomas have been all over the radio waves recently, as the sisters’ country-pop fused release Cartwheels has been highly-anticipated. Their debut From Where We Stand won Album of The Year at the British Country Music Awards and if Cartwheels is anything to go by, then they certainly deserve all their success.