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Sonic Boom Six – The F-Bomb (2016)

Female-fronted multi-genre band Sonic Boom Six have done nothing but tour Europe, the US and Japan for the last ten years, as well as release three albums on their own record label Rebel Alliance Recordings. Since sitting down to record The F-Bomb in 2014, the band’s outspoken messages have been translated into lyrics and accompany their one of-a-kind gigs that are open to literally everyone. (more…)

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (2016)

It’s been a great few years for Ariana Grande, as she’s had a handful of hits from her second album My Everything, including collaborations with Zedd and Iggy Azalea. Grande has teased a few snippets of Dangerous Woman on social media platform Snapchat, exciting fans for the upcoming release. (more…)

The Boxer Rebellion – Ocean By Ocean

The Boxer Rebellion’s fifteen year career has spanned many albums and EPs, with a smattering of TV and soundtrack features, they’ve done well for themselves. With Ocean By Ocean being the boys’  first album in five years, this will really prove if they can stand the test of time and be relevant in this ever-changing musical landscape.


The motif of nature and the elements is present throughout the album.’Weapon’ starts things off, sweeping over you and pulling you and sweeping you off your feet, making you curious as to what the rest of the album holds. Sadly the aforementioned song is the only one will keep you spinning round, as the rest of the album sounds just like any other Indie band; a great exterior in the first few bars of the song, but a fairly average middle and ending.

‘Pull Yourself Together’ is an acoustic number, making the idea of being in the sea being taken away by the waves more visible, and making me seasick. It honestly sounds like something Keane couldn’t record because they were too busy. Their efforts to keep up great indie music is commendable, but Ocean By Ocean isn’t a great example of that.
If you want to listen to/buy Ocean By Ocean, you can do so on iTunes. Also watch the video for single ‘Big Ideas’, embedded below. Follow The Boxer Rebellion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what they’re up to.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG1OWhz7GiM%5D
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She Drew The Gun – Memories of the Future (2016)

Starting as a platform for Louisa Roach’s solo music, She Drew The Gun became something more, with her forming a band and recording an EP, which soon turned into their debut album Memories of the Future. Having been raved about on BBC Introducing, Roach soon set out on tour with Fink around the end of 2015, showing off the band’s style around the UK and Europe. (more…)

Wild Belle – Dreamland (2016)

Brother and Sister duos are becoming more popular now, with the likes of The Shires being played on radio stations all around the UK. Wild Belle are no exception, with the Chicago act creating great multi-genre and hard to define music on their first record Isles, released in 2013.

Sunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die (2016)

Australian/British indie quarter Sunset Sons were brought together in the surfing town of Hossegor, France (where they’ve been based ever since). They’ve been part of BBC Music Sound Of, played at Reading and Leeds festivals, and had a lot of success in the Rock charts with their first EP Le Surfing, with it reaching #6.

Robyn Sherwell – Robyn Sherwell (2016)

A career in music is a tough journey, something Robyn Sherwell wasn’t brave enough to try until recently. After learning a plethora of instruments in school, she was sent down the route of education to earn a degree. She realised her true calling, and decided to gig in London, as well as upload her covers and songs to YouTube. (more…)