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Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Joe Hicks

Classically trained at a young age, Joe Hicks certainly knows his way around an instrument. It was inevitable then that he would fall into the hands of music producers and begin writing and recording his own music. This has seen him climb to success on BBC Introducing and included in Spotify and SoundCloud playlists from users all over the world.

Featured Artist – Lorne

A simple song with just piano, lyrics and not much else is a great calming tool probably missing from your library. Lorne is one to change that, especially in the madness that has been 2016. If you like bands like Amber Run, serene and soft, you’ll love Lorne. (more…)

Featured Artist – Weslynn

Arizona State University is teaming with creative forces to be reckoned with and in 2013 three of those students joined together to create Indie Pop band Weslynn. After a typical touring circuit of their home city, they added another member to complete the setup and extended their outreach to feature the rest of the World.

Featured Artist – Chilé

London-based trio Chilé are very new to the industry, but are already making a big name for themselves. Their Synth-Pop, electronic-infused singles are definitely going to be big club hits and be on chill-out playlists too. They’ve got an EP due out later this year and I for one can’t wait to hear it. If debut single ‘Every Outline’ is something to go by, then I’m very excited indeed. (more…)