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What I’ve Been Listening To 🎧 | December 2017

Happy New Year! Sorry this post is so late into January dear readers, I’ve been overloaded with a lot and haven’t had a lot of time to blog. My fairly short playlist for December includes some familiar names from past playlists, but also some new tunes from said familiar names and sone song from the 80s that I’ve enjoyed jamming to recently. As per my tracklist is below and the Spotify playlist is below it for you to listen.

What I’ve Been Listening To This Month | June

I know I say this at the end of every month, but I mean it this time – where has the time gone?! Half of this year’s already over and so much has happened. This month’s tracks include hits from Ellie Goulding, Old Dominion (I interviewed the actress in their ‘Break Up With Him’ video, which you can view here), Broods (‘Conscious’ review here) and even old an old hit from O-ZONE. If that all tickles your fancy, check out the tracklist and playlist below.