London-based quintet Victoria are creating their “own kind of pop music”, with a glowing review from Clash magazine, saying “the group’s soaring songwriting is imbued with an epic sense of ambition. Crisp electronic production matched to a real pop nous, the group have already earned admiring glances.”

They certainly deserve those “admiring glances”, as their debut single “Summertime” is very much a pop song, but not any of the manufactured pop from the charts – these guys write their own songs and put so much meaning into each and every one. 


They’ve released two singles so far, the above mentioned “Summertime” as well as “Into The Wild”, both of which show off their talent and why they should be selling out arenas in a few years. Watch out, these boys may just take off into stardom. You can check out the singles and buy them on iTunes here, watch the music videos on YouTube here or stream them on Spotify. They’re on social media too, so follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check out what they’re up to. Also don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to see what I’m posting next, as soon as it’s posted. 


A K Jones
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