Living in a city brings a wealth of possibilities for jobs and learning, as well as awesome Christmas decorations. There’s a German Christmas market down on the high street and lights up at West Quay shopping centre in Southampton, where I currently reside. So I decided what better than go and take some pictures while everyone’s getting in the festive spirit.

Along the centre of the high street there are lots of little stalls selling everything from food to jewellery, so it’s the perfect place to get a last minute Christmas present and food to warm you up in the cold weather. There’s also a few fairground rides for the little ones and “Santa Claus Village” where the adults can enjoy a German beer and the kids a hot chocolate. Walking down there on a cold night makes you feel so happy and wonderfully festive without it being too overwhelming. A log fire is even burning at one of the stalls, so you can warm your hands if you forgot your gloves.

As you walk up to West Quay, the sign is lit up with its own decorations, similar to those inside hanging above the ceiling. They’re lovely to look at – believe me when I say that I’m not the only one stopping to take photos. On the ground floor of the shopping centre stands a massive Christmas tree, that people can decorate with their selfies on the integrated iPads, which is great but ruins the actual decorations a bit. Even still, it’s a beauty to look at.

If you can get to the Southampton German Christmas Market, I would recommend it as it’s such a cute little place to take a break while doing your Christmas shopping. Or if your city has a market that’s similar, I suggest you pop down there to get Christmassy, have a beer and a chat with some new people. Unless you hate everything about Christmas, then maybe not.

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