Success for Australian artist Fuzz Ibrahim hasn’t been easy, but his hard-work has definitely paid off. His single ‘With The Lights On’ ft. Lil Pap soared up the UK’s Commercial Top 30 chart to #10, surpassing the likes of Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding. Here’s an interview with him, discussing new music, delving into new projects and his charity work.

He reflects on this very positively, saying “I never thought it would get to number 10 on the Pop charts and 27 on the upfront club charts – it was just amazing to see it sky-rocket”, adding the reviews were universally great. “Radio DJs spun the record and said it had a unique catchy hook and a sound that would stay in your head for a few days. ‘With The Lights On’ had 20,000 downloads in the first week, and from there it just took off”.

‘Change The Path’ was my way of displaying my desires to go back in time and alter past experiences I have gone through, both good and bad

With his music being in the Pop genre, there’s a certain expectation within how the music of this genre is viewed, and I wanted to ask Ibrahim what he thought of this. “Pop music has always been the target of critics. Not every song is a hit and sometimes songs don’t make sense but that’s the culture right now. I won’t deny [that] some of my songs contain autotune, but that’s because I like how it completes the sound by adding to my vocals.”

His new single ‘Change The Path’ is all about wanting to change things that he’s done. “I have been through so much in my life and ‘Change The Path’ was my way of displaying my desires to go back in time and alter past experiences I have gone through, both good and bad. The name of the single is not meant to mean you should physically change your path, but instead to accept your past, move on and live presently”.

Ibrahim will have more than just music to add to his CV after 2017, as he is venturing into the film business. He will be starring in book turned film Eleven Days In Hell. What does he think the movie industry is going to bring to the table that’s different to music? “The industries are slightly different, but it’s actually a very small world once you’re in. I try to keep a balance and I enjoy doing both, so it isn’t really a challenge for me.” adding “I love to work hard and keep grinding, so I can have the opportunity to participate in both music and film”.

Through his musical and now film endeavours, Ibrahim has gained a lot of fans. He recalls the craziest experience he’s ever had, saying “A fan added my personal Facebook, wanted my number, followed all my social media and made fan pages.” but added “My fans are my family, and it’s crazy to see such amazing support from people. It makes me so happy and keeps me motivated.”

As his fans inspire him, he’s inspiring others with doing lots of charity work for Australia-based Endless Horizons who “are an amazing charity and youth and family organisation they want to help struggling youth who are battling with depression, drugs, alcohol and family problems.” In order to help, Ibrahim did something great and “put on a benefit show and raised $10,000. I love to give back and help. I’m a caring person and outside of music and acting, I always want to stay true to who I am”.

So what’s next on the cards for Ibrahim? Quite a lot, as “‘Change The Path’ is released on iTunes August 21st and the music video will be available on Vevo very soon. I am currently learning my Texan accent and memorising the script for my part in Eleven Days In Hell.” He’s also got more singles on the way, as he’s “working on my third single ‘Heart Is Bleeding’ and planning the music video”, as well as “working on opening for some major artists, it’s one of the best ways to grow in the industry.”

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