Ah, Christmas. The time of year where we all reflect on the year that has passed and celebrate with a couple (or a lot) of drinks.


Here’s what I love about Christmas: time spent with your loved ones. Whether you love them or argue over every board game, you can’t deny that it is nice to sit in front of the telly with them and watch all the Christmas TV available whilst snacking on some cheese and biscuits or a mince pie.

Having mentioned Christmas telly, the specials at this time of year are great to watch, even the old Vicar of Dibley and Only Fools and Horses specials, TV shows that were on when I wasn’t even alive or very little. Also the newer ones too, particularly Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Big Show and I know the Call The Midwife Christmas Special always make my Mum and Sister cry.

Putting the tree is always a nice afternoon in our family – makes us feel very festive as we get the tunes on and get decorating. I’m usually in charge of the music and have a banging playlist that I shall be sharing on this very blog shortly. It’s great getting out the baubles that you’ve kept stored away for a year and hanging them on the tree. We have one very special decoration, Fred and Barney from the Flinstones (don’t ask) and every single year without fail we put it somewhere on the tree.

The presents are a part of it too, particularly if you’ve got someone a surprise they weren’t expecting – seeing their face light up when they open it and if you’re British, you’ll automatically tell a story about how you got the gift or proclaiming ‘I’ve got the receipt if you don’t like it and what to take it back!’.

Now, the food. Christmas is the time to overindulge just a little with the party food from M&S or the lovely Christmas dinner your relative has made with a few pigs in blankets. Christmas pudding isn’t really my thing, and something I really wouldn’t want after a Christmas dinner, but if you want to light up your brandy then go for it. Everyone does Christmas differently but I think we can all agree that the food is a highlight not to be missed.

Is there anything else you love about Christmas that you think I’ve missed off? Let me know.

A K Jones

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